Our Chefs

Our Chefs

Antonio Vianello e Diego Falcetta



Antonio Vianello was born in 1971 in Venice and fell in love with the Marche region and its coast.
His career has spanned more than thirty years, during which he has travelled the world, drawing inspiration from the past and adding a touch of modernity.
A consultant and all-round manager in the restaurant sector, he loves everything about the kitchen, specialising in the art of bread-making and pastry.
He learnt his trade in the alleys of Venice, where the scent of fish lingers on every corner, and then perfected it in London and Barcelona. He returned to Italy, where he manages several restaurants himself, always aiming to keep up with new developments.
He teaches cooking courses for both professionals and amateurs; he can’t even get away from his trade while he sleeps.


Diego Falcetta, born in 1990, and raised in the Marche countryside, became passionate about the world of cooking from a young age, with guidance from his grandmother.
He trained at the Panzini hotel school in Senigallia, maintaining strong roots with the territory. But his great passion for cooking pushed him to go further: Diego launched himself into the field of elite cuisine, first at the multi-starred Ristorante Arquade and then for five years with Vito Mollica at the Four Seasons in Florence. This experience was the source of his innovation. After his Florentine experience, he personally managed the La Tavola del Carmine farmhouse in Ancona, and subsequently some of the best restaurants in the Ancona landscape.

Together, since the 8th December 2019, they have embraced the idea of ownership, using their own raw materials.

“The dishes on our menu are made of 80% quality and 20% our ideas.
We’re mad about cooking, that’s the truth! Not a day goes by when we’re not trying to come up with new combinations…
Stay tuned… You’ll see some good ones!”

Come and discover the cooking of Antonio Vianello and Diego Falcetta!

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